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The Getty Tour

My west coast jaunt topped off with a visit to the Getty Museum (not to be confused with The Getty Villa which I'll be visiting tomorrow.  Yes this museum holds world class masterpieces and gets some of the best exhibits in LA, but make no mistake, this museum could be completely devoid of art and still warrant a visit.  

To get to the museum one takes a tram ride up a scenic hillside, and deposits us at the foot of the structure.  Be sure not to miss the beautiful and peaceful sculpture garden located right off of the tram before you ascend the stairs to the main structure. 

One thing I must say, is that to maximize your comfort while visiting the Getty, you must bring sunglasses, a hair tie, a hat, a light jacket and comfortable walking shoes.  The exterior structure is covered in Italian Travertine which is as beautiful as it is heat reflective making it a couple degrees hotter than you're expecting.  In contrast, once you get to the scenic lookouts you'll start to feel the hillside winds providing a chilly breeze. Don't mistake any of these instructions as a deterrent to visiting, I mean to do the opposite and prepare you for a full's day of exploring uncompromised by nature's elements. 

The sculpture garden is located right as you exit the tram, be sure not to miss it! 


Lynx, properly attired with blackout sunnies. 

One of my favorite tour tidbits about the Italian Travertine is that its perfectly designed for the specific amount of personal space one needs to feel at ease when standing next to another.  If you stand in the center of a block and have a friend stand in the center of the block next to you, notice that when you take a tiny step out of the center toward the person next to you of the block and you'll immediately notice the normally imperceptible difference of feeling that you may be a little too close for comfort. Take a step further away and things feel a little distant. It's small truths like this that make us realize what a vast mess of programming our inner selves possess. 

Lynx and I at the entrance to the garden.

Aspen the Docent 
A bicoastal museum docent. And yeah, I'm a peg person.

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