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The Broad Tour

The Broad 

Everyone knows that LA loves a good trend, and this was no better evidenced than by The Broad's opening a few years ago which was accompanied by 2 hour + long lines for at least a year after opening.  This was in no small part to the Yaoyi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors exhibit which is not only an artistic masterpiece, but also Grade A selfie-meat catered to this generation of relentless photo auteurs. 

I personally have no patience for lines, and though the best brunch spots tend to always be 'no reservations' I have stubbornly committed to rejecting all places that require my time and patience in exchange for the experience. Fortunately, The Broad also shares this sentiment and started issuing "reserved times" to combat the unpleasant side effects of its newfound popularity, and I was able to go in as a visitor with nary a wait.  

The Broad is aesthetically very toddler friendly, boasting of bright, bold and beautiful pieces of art, the stimulation level seems almost tailored to a toddler sensibility. Aside from the artwork the museum architecture itself lends itself to a bounty of bright light complete iwth high ceilings, and innovative wall materials that keep the museum tour visually interesting from head to toe. 

In addition to its naturally kid-friendly art, The Broad also features a range of activities designed to further engage children.  Visit for more details. 

Beautiful light-reflecting walls 

A classic exhibit seemingly tailored for kids... 

Aspen the Docent

A bicoastal museum docent with an unrequited love for pigeons. 

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