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My Trip to MOCA 

Aspen the Docent 
Bicoastal plant lover. Docent by day, avid creator always. And yeah, I'm a peg person.

Rounding out my last days in LA I of course had to swing by the MOCA and catch up on all I missed. 

MOCA, while smaller than the other LA museums never fails to have a well-curated assortment of exhibits...and one of my favorite events, Sunday Studio. Sunday Studio is a workshop held once a month that typically begins with an in-depth discussion on a current exhibition followed by a collaborative art-making session. I've met some of my favorite LA friends and fellow creators at Sunday Studio and while it's not child-friendly per say, it's worth finding the time to attend one.  For the family-focused crowd, be sure to check out their annual  "Big Family Day" catered to the next generation of art lovers, and features .... my favorite... student docents who, in my experience, do a remarkable job. This is also a great time to bring the very little ones to the museum as they tend to engage more with just slightly larger versions of themselves and is a great way to spur art-enthusiasm with the 5 and under crowd. 

I've taken a picture in this hallway every time I visit. The writing says "I will not make any more boring art" which is aggressively motivational, and never fails to give my psyche a quick jolt of productive anxiety. 

This hallway leads you to the restrooms, and is somewhat hard to find so those with little ones will want to ask and be aware of the lavatory geography from the onset. 

I don't know why we're not looking at the camera... 

The front entrance of MOCA 

I can't talk about the MOCA without also letting you know about LA casual-healthy eatery Lemonade which has a restaurant immediately upon exit.  This is simply one of my favorite places to eat and has made my plant-based lifestyle easier than ever.  The ordering process is somewhat complex so take a minute to familiarize yourself with the foods and ordering options before jumping in line.  My favorite items on the menu are the avocado/tomato salad, broccoli salad, and the pistachio macaroon.  Enjoy! 

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