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Hey, I'm Aspen.

 I’m a freelance art museum docent. I’ll ask the question before you do: “Freelance docent? Is that a thing?” The answer is that it’s a thing when you make it a thing. 

And I made it a thing. 


My home is nestled in Los Angeles’s vibrant Highland Park neighborhood, but I love traveling to wherever there’s interesting art to be seen and fascinating people to meet. New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Marfa, Joshua Tree, Tokyo, Cape Town... even Florida. (Don’t knock Florida; I once experienced an incredible performance of musical sculptures at Florida SouthWestern State College that remains one of the most sonically vibrant experiences I’ve ever had.)

The common urban pigeon, the most underrated bastion of city life.

I love pigeons, locally-made charcuterie, and gathering people for surprising soirees. But the thing I love the most is leading people to have a true connection with a piece of art.

My work is focused on getting children to experience more art, and getting adults to experience art more like children. Adults become so petrified of uttering the “wrong” thing because they're led to  believe that there’s a “correct” response to an artwork. 

How stressful. And how boring.  

The truth is that art is about spurring a reaction — an emotional, intellectual, and deeply personal reaction. This reaction can be positive, negative, or utterly strange. This is why I especially love sharing art with children. They say what they feel without caring whether it’s right or wrong. A child’s response is a gorgeous expression of true connection with artwork.

My intention for this blog is that it can serve as a sort of artistic dowsing rod that guides you towards a more intimate relationship with art and creativity. A place where you can look at art as an adult but respond like a child — speaking from the fiery truth of your heart.

And oh yeah, I’m a peg person.

Aspen the Docent 

Freelance art museum docent in LA/NYC/wherever the good things are.  Yeah, I’m a peg person.


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